World's highest mountain

Mount Everest is the star attraction. Tourists come to their drove to climb, hike and admire the world`s tallest peak.


Climbing Everest is the ultimate test of physical endurance, but if you are not into the air of climbing and camping, you can view this peak from in all its glory from the windows of a plane.


Most of domestic airlines offer scenic flights which are available form Kathmandu & Pokhara.


Thamel, designed several decades back in 1920, is the hottest spot for tourism inside the Kathmandu valley, buzzing, visitors friendly area.


It is known by its narrow alleys crowded with various shops and vendors, and lively eateries serve international dishes. Markets and stores sell metal handicrafts, colorful jewelry, and trekking gear, while pedestrianized Mandala Street has upmarket shops .

Pashupatinath Temple


Located just east of Kathmandu on the banks of the Bagmati River, it is one of the most holiest Hindu shrines in Nepal.


This temple was classified as a world heritage site in 1979, and is best known for its magnificent architecture.

Boudhnath Stupa

Bodhnath Stupa, one of the largest stupas in the country & the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


It is one of the most popular touristic places in Nepal. The highlight of this temple is its magnificent Stupa that attracts a large number of visitors from far and wide places.

Swayambhunath Temple

It is instantly recognizable by its golden spires with angry-looking eyes painted on them, nicknamed the Monkey Temple for its large population of resident monkeys, affords spectacular views of the city lying in the valley below.


Pokhara is metropolitan city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal due to its panoramic views, it is a valley cradled amongst mountains and hills with meandering rivers.


Pokhara is full of natural, cultural, and geographical landmarks, numerous caves and dozens of hotels and restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. Once you enter the vicinity of this city, you are greeted with magnificent views of the mountains & lakes.

Phewa Lake - Pokhara

Take a well earned rest on the limpid waters of Phewa Tal (Lake) In Pokhara, puddle through and visit Barahi Mandir, an Island and a temple in the middle of the lake.

Siddha Gufa - Pokahra

Siddha Cave or Siddha Gufa is a cave located in Bimalnagar. It is the largest cave in Nepal and second largest cave in South Asia.


It is around 500 meter inside where around 2,500 people can fit inside. The cave can be accessed by bus from Pokhara

Davis Fall - Pokhara

Davis Fall in Pokhara is an extraordinary waterfall which creates a 150 meter long underground tunnel as it reaches its bottom.


Fed by Phewa Lake Dam, the waterfall is surrounded by abundant flora. It marks the point where the Pardi Khola stream disappears underground and leaves no clue of its existence.


When rains are at full power, the splashes of water against the boulders create a terrific site.

Chitwan National Park - Chitwan

Nepal`s oldest national park, Chitwan is home to endangered Bengal tigers, one- horned rhinos and mugger crocodiles, not to mention numerous birds specie.


Visitors can explore the park on elephants or in a safari vehicle. Its also possible to spend the night in watchtowers, listening to the roar of the jungle.