Mid-February, March, April


Spring is relatively warm and may bring occasional showers and rains with average daily temperatures of 20°- 24°C. During the day you can get away with wearing T. shirt & light sweeter.

May, June, July, August


Summers can be very warm with temperatures reaching up to 30°- 35°C. It’s also rainy season, so frequent and heavy downpours are common. When it’s not raining in summer, it’s going to be hot and humid. The best clothes to stay cool would be wide and loose-fitting clothes made of cotton, silk and linen.

Mid-September, October, November


Temperatures average between (15°C to 24°C), as Autumn is still fairly warm during the day but can dip down to 10°C at night. It is advisable to carry a light jacket in case it gets a bit chilly. At night, a warm jacket is recommended.

December, January, February


Winters are cold, especially in the mountain areas and sub-zero temperatures and snow is common. Temperatures average is 9°C to 12°C. A heavy warm jacket is a good option, however still you may enjoy many sunny days, even in the winter.