Officially, Nepal is the Highest Country on the earth, roughly 75 percent of the land is covered by mountains, but this charming country is much than just mountains, wherever you got though, wide smiles will be there to greet you, they are the Nepalese who are amongst the friendliest in the world.


Kathmandu, the capital of Everest of Nepal, is a main starting point for Businessmen, HR Managers & Recruiters when the business requires Skilled Workers & Scaffolders, Drivers, Sales and Marketing Staffs, Cooks, Waiters, Security Guards, Engineers, Doctor, Nurses, etc.


Meanwhile Pokhara, known as the beauty of natures,  the City of Seven Lakes, with its great Phewa lake, Falls & Caves, is another destination for recruitment of Security Guards, Hospitality staff & facilities workers.


The venturing into Chitwan, the City National Park of Safari Jungles, is good destination for more Skilled Workers of all Types (Civil/MEP) who are ready for your interview.

Other Important Cities

Other important cities like Itahari, Butwal, Nepalgunj & Janakpur are also notable focal areas for civil & mechanical workers, salesmen & salesgirls, security guards and facilities staff.