Managers’ days are filled with activities that could be handled by assistants, but we still see managers not delegating effectively or at all. So what might be stopping them from delegating? Share your thoughts with us to build up this blog together ….

Responsibility of Mistakes

Some managers don’t want to be blamed for getting things wrong. They prefer to avoid delegation because they will be held responsible if the task isn’t done properly by assistants.

Avoiding other Responsibilities

Managers may not delegate to show their boss they are already fully busy because they want to avoid responsibilities which might be difficult or are just unpleasant


This is likely the most frequent excuse used by managers for not delegating. The idea that delegation is useless because it takes too much time. What an irony that delegation actually buys the management extra time.

Fondness of Control

Being in charge gives & accomplishing things on their own gives some managers a sense of importance, dominance, and control. Such managers are concerned that handing up a work to others would prevent them from showing their authority.

Weak Staff Skills & Mistrust!

This is when a manager believes that his team does not have the right skills set for the task, or simply when a manger does not trust his team.

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