Being Bias to Past

You may make future decisions based on information or decisions worked well in the past. Instead of relying on factors related to the current situation, you may find yourself intending to predict the outcome based on completely irrelevant experiences, which takes to wrong Conclusions/ Decisions.

Overload of information

Having a lot of information is frequently seen as advantageous, but if it is not well organized and related to the issue in place, it can leave you feeling mistaken and confused, or even prevent you from making a decision.

Lack of data / Quality Data

Making appropriate decisions can be challenged by a lack of solid facts. Due to ambiguous, inadequate and limited information, it is often difficult for us to make an acceptable decision.


Some individuals have a tendency to be overconfident in their judgments, and they may not recognise how ignorant they are on a given issue. In fact, we have no idea what we don't know. Alternatively, the information we receive from a reputable source could be incorrect. Overconfidence in one's own abilities can lead to unwise decisions.

The problem was misidentified

There can be occasions when the decision is complicated and you are unsure of the major issue, which may cause you to overlook the main issue while making your judgment.

Fake Linking

We may see connections that do not exist when making decisions. You might feel that two apparently unrelated incidents are linked just because they happened at the same time. Alternatively, a one-time correlation between two variables may cause us to believe that they are linked. Such a tendency can easily lead to deadly decision-making errors.


Stress, time restrictions, or any other scenario might lead to rash decisions, and you may overlook essential information or overlook the consequences of certain actions, this could lead also to poor decision

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